Yellow Circuit

Marked trail: Cabana Padis - Poiana Ponor- Drumul Forestier Scarita - Cabana Cetatile Ponorului - Avenul Bortig - Izbucul Galbanei - Cheile Galbenei - Poiana Florilor - Focul Viu - Piatra Galbenei - La Grajduri - Cabana Padis

Marking: yellow dot  punct galben

Duration: 9 - 10 hours

For the part  Scarita- Cabana Cetatile Ponorului see route here.

From forest road Stairs - Cab. Fortress of Ponor we follow signs marking punct galben yellow dot descending through forests of spruce, leave the right path that descends to the Fortress of Ponor, follow on path over Ponor Fortress and approx. ½ hour from forest road Stairs - Cabana Fortress of Ponor meet again comes from Dolina III route, near a stop and a poanou indicator.

From this point forward we keep all mark the path through the forest, eventually leave traseul Circuitul Cetatile Ponorului (which go back to the cab. Padis on the balconies Fortress of Ponor), climb further to the left, through a rare forest area, then through a beech forest following the path that turns right and after approx. 40 minutes to halt above the Doline III reaches the ridge of Mount Bortig.

Hence, loosen the right one derivation path marked with sign (double yellow dot punct galben dublu ) Which leads to pothole Bortig (about 40 m deep, is the second largest glacier in Europe after Scarisoara).

After I saw that goal, returning to the main trail descend steeply through the forest, following signs marking the trail well evidenced, keep on old forest road, following the contours through a common faget and approx. ¾ hour from pothole Bortig, we arrive at a bifurcation route, the default path: a variant before going direct route to Flower Glade on the balconies yellow and left a derivation of the route goes through the gorges Galbena all to Flower Glade (this option we will follow us). To continue our descent route to the left so approx. 100 m to the bed of the Yellow Valley, keep on the path upstream, on the right side then reach Izbucul Galbenei.

This phenomenon sizeable karst water drains that are lost in the Fortress of Ponor Cave. From this point, going beyond the spring bypass the chains, keep on the level curve through the forest on the left side of the valley around. ¼ hour, overcome dangerous passage descending on chains, let the right Ponor Cave Galbena is lost, and hence a final down hill through beech forest and then a scree slope we again left out of the valley Yellow. On the right side you can see the valley water coming out of a deep cave and waterfall Fan falls about 10m (water valley Galbena after they lose a route Ponor cave underground and then comes back to the surface forming cascade mentioned) .

The cascade goes on the left side of the valley above a portion of chain, 250 m long, continue to follow the path to the rocky wall, we leave that up to the mark left side of the valley, still follow the valley, meet the new maercajul, get a hard-wired portion where you have to climb the rocky wall, go on a trail along the valley approx. 10 minutes and we are coming from forest road Luncsoara forest district, near the confluence of Valley and Valley Yellow Luncsoara.

From here, follow the road to the right across Galbena a concrete culvert, let the right mark derivation ( punct galben dublu ) Which climbs back to the main trail, continue to follow the path, downstream, on the right side of the valley, go after approx. 1km from the confluence with Dry Valley, coming from the left side of Galbena leave right then a forest trails bifurcate: before continuing trail sign triunghi galbenyellow triangle (which accompanied us from the confluence Luncsoara yellow) and right on a forest road side walk our path.

Continue to follow this road to the right, we turn right again (after approx. 10m from canton) on another trail, climbing through slots in Flower Glade and approx. ¼ time to meet Galbennei Valley canton main route coming from the balconies Galbenei. This point is marked by a pole indicator gives us several indications including the uermatoarea, 'to Live Fire, 2:00''. There is also a spring where it is worth a stop because we expect a long climb up to Glacier Living Fire.

From here climb after marking signs punct galben yellow spot, bypassing a group of birch trees on the right, keep on the trail contours well highlighted, move on through beech forest and then through a meadow stretching along the trail, still climbing through beech forest, crossing a another clearing, smaller and hence a final steep climb that lasts approx. ½ hour before removing the glacier we live fire.

Tourists only have access to the cave entrance where decorated wooden balcony. From here we can see the glacier itself which is the third largest in Europe after ghetarele of caves Scarisoara and Bortig. At noon, the light enters the cave with a natural window and it gets a reddish color (hence the name Living Fire).

After I noticed glacier path back to the main path, follow the path on the level curve and approx. 5 minutes from the glacier path bifurcates: Before continuing the main route dotted yellow punct galben right and loosen a path marked with the derivation ( punct galben dublu ) That goes to Rock Galbenei. Following this path to get right in approx. ¼ time sightseeing point on Stone Galbenei.

From here a wide open view: in the background you can see that culminates with Peak Mountain Bihar Cucurbata Mare (1849m) and a foreground you can see the left side of the valley where the Yellow Pit Pit right Ruginoasa and rust Giunasu can see peaks and Tartaroaia (it can be recognized by numerous meadows that surround it). On the right side you can see the Valley Yellow Flower Glade Flower and clearings from Ratul.

After admiring the view follow the derivation marks entering the forest again, we leave another diversion that goes right to pothole Bortig, on the trail and follow approx. ¼ hour we reach a clearing with a stopover indicator panel where the main trsaseul meet again. Of clearing the right bank we go easy climbing through the forest, we split after ¼ hour trail sign here banda red and descending through spruce forest eventually reach the forest road from Valley city by the campsite of,, the Stables''.

For portion,, The Stables'' - Chalet Padis see route  Circuitul Cetatile Ponorului.