Stana De Vale

Marked trail: Cabana Padis - Cabana Varsoaia - Saua Varsoaia - Izvorul Coltaului - Vf. Piatra Arsa - Saua Cumpanatelul - Izv. Fantana Rece - Saua Bohodei - Vf. Poienii - Poiana Baia Popii - Stana De Vale 

Mark: linie rosie red bad

Duration: 5-6 hours

The route begins in front Padis. From here, follow the forest road that goes to Pietroasa crossing after approx. 5 minutes Tranghiesti Valley on a concrete bridge, we walk about 20 m on the road and we are at a bifurcation routes: before the forest road towards it and it Pietroasa routes and go right on a secondary road go our route .

We continue to follow the road route, first by clearing large then spruce forest, crossing a valley temporary burning Valley, our guiding further after that you bookmark service road, we cross over the river valley and then Renghii box after about . 15 minutes will arrive eventually the paved road coming from and going to the cottage Padis Plain Varasoaia, right.

Going forward, follow this road to the right, cross a creek that comes from Magura, Eggplant eventually go to lodge Varasoaia, climb through the eastern part of Glade Varasoaia then through a forest of spruce and approx. ¼ time to arrive at Saddle Hut Varasoaia same name, near a sheepfold and a spring located in the right way.

To continue our route, keep on paved road, down by Glade Varasoaia-North, go the route branch circuit Springs Warm Somes, 15 min. of Saddle Varasoaia, we turn on the left, all on paved road, overcome spring Coltaului, follow the road that goes to the right climbing stressed, we follow signs marking linie rosie red band cross after about half an hour of Varasoaia over a tributary valley of the relay and from there a short climb right through molidis us out near a sheepfold right found in tourist path.

Continue to climb before a road which showed good (coming from the left) a grassy slope, go still on a plateau covered with junipers, under peak Piatra Arsa, meet a route marked with signs punct rosu red dot that comes from Somes Warm Springs circuit path, climb the path that you walk on, then left the ienuperis and after approx. ½ hour to arrive at Saddle Peak Cumpanatelu Piatra Arsa, where there is a pole indicator. This gives us more information including the following: to Stana de Vale, 3-3 ½ hours (before the mark  linie rosie red band).

Still in his so go ahead, on a road that good, let left (after cca.200m) an unmarked gravel road, guide us forward after marking poles accompanying dirt road, under hooks Peak (1694m) which was on our left and after approx. 1 km from Saddle Cumpanatelu a descent takes us briefly to Cold Spring Fountain. This is the origin of Draganului Valley, which flows to the N and one of the sources of elevation in the Bihor Mountains.

From Cold Fountain, climb the road quite a broad peak under the same name, still keep the trail among junipers, first on the origins Valley in Peak Bohodei Draganului then, meet the trail sign linie albastra blue banda coming from Boga, and we follow on mark after approx. ¾ hour Bohodei Saddle where we are at an important crossroads of tourist routes (marked by a pillar with arrows indicatoarte) right (NV) route goes our way to better reveal, front (E) comes Circutor stitching (marked with sign cruce galbenayellow cross) and left (L) walk trail sign triunghi albastru blue triangle to the Saritoarea Bohodeiului stone village.

From this point, follow our route to the right, climbing on road recalled that, under peak Glade, approx. ¼ hour descent through a forest of spruce and then Glade bathroom Kings, then intersecting a paved road that climbs from the valley chirp.

From here, descend to the ground before a road crossed two large meadows, intersecting paved road again coming from the Valley chirp and a final down hill from this place on the way reminded us out at approx. 250 m Wonder Spring, another paved road coming from the right. Going forward on the road to the left past the Wonder Spring and from there we have to walk about 500m to the hotel Iadolina of Stana de Vale.