Ponor Fortress Circuit

Marked trail: Padis Chalet - Poiana Ponor - Forest Road Ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor - Catatile Ponor - The Stables - Cottage Padis

 Mark:  punct albastru  blue dot

Duration:  5-6 hours

For the portion Padis Chalet - Round Meadow View  trail here  .

From Round Meadow follow signs marking down further accentuated by beech forest, we take the path on the right side of the valley Bradetanului in slightly down hill and approx.  ½ hour we arrive at the confluence of Round Valley Meadow Bradetanului with routes where bifurcate Ponor Brook: Brook crosses our path Ponor going on the right side thereof, the left side of this stream is followed by trail sign  triunghi rosu  red triangle, which goes to Saddle Vartop and upstream, also on the left side of the valley an extension of the trail, marked with  punct albastru  double blue dot leads to Izbucul Ponor.

Bends to Izbucul Ponor punct albastru

The bifurcation routes, will come after Ponor Creek upstream approx. Ponor Izbucul next 10 minutes.  This karst, sizeable water drains the springs that are lost in the underground Padis.

From the junction with Brook Valley Bradetanului Ponor, cross the brook Ponor still overcrowded Ponor Glade, a typical Polie, fold on the right is lost Brook Ponoarele Ponor, keep on the path through a dense forest of spruce and may go after about .  ½ hour of the forest road Ponor ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor.  This intersection is marked by a pole indicator.  To continue our route crossed the road, go down the path through a molidis after we despatim after approx.  10 minutes (from forest road) of  Galbena circuit  , descend further through spruce forest and then through a difficult area (on the left side of the Valley Fortress) where cables are laid in rock and approx.  ½ hour of the forest road ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor we arrive at the bottom of sinkholes I Ponor the cities where we are at a fork of the path (marked by a pole point indicator): The main route continues left to go before Dolina III and an extension of route to Dolina II.

Bends towards Dolina II

From the pole indicator I follow mark Dolina valley bends across the cities numerous blocks of limestone bed covering the valley, we pass under the portal Ponor Fortress Cave (with a height of 75m it is the highest in Europe) and from here one last right on a steep climb takes us out in Dolina II debris.  From here, we can look at the underground river cave Ponor Fortress.

Return to the main trail from the pillar of Dolina I climb the stairs to the left metal, go after approx.10 minutes in the saddle between dolines I and III, descend on the wall near a rocky path still keep the level curve, let the right one secondary entrance of the cave fortresses Ponor, fold Dolina III over a distance of approx.  30 m, climb on to the right on a difficult scree then spruce forest and after about half an hour of Dolina III meet again  Galbena circuit  , near a place of rest (tables and benches).

From this point follow the signs still mark III over sinkholes and abandoned after approx.  ½ hour of resting place  trail  that goes to the Gorge Galbena guide us on the path which runs along by the four balconies of Cetatile Ponor (from the first two balconies opens a wide view over the balconies Dolina III and III and IV we admire Dolina II), descend below ground on a road through the woods, about half an hour and may go back to the forest road ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor Valley cities.  Next follow the forest road upstream on the left side of the valley then we arrive in the  clearing,, The Stables''.Here, there is a forest range Glavoi supply point (also here Camp most tourists who come to the tent).

Of  meadow, La Stables''forest  road that goes to leave the ladder going up the path a grassy slope to the right road, continue climb on a dry valley for approx.  ½ hour climb smooth crossing on a clearing in a forest and then a down hill through a meadow Ultimo us out to the pillar that marks the closing circuit indicator.  From here, going after we arrive in about marking signs.  Padis Chalet ½ hour.