Magura circuit Eggplant

Marked trail: Padis Chalet - Peak Eggplant Magura - Magura Peak - Varasoaia - Cabana Padis

Mark: triunghi galben yellow triangle

Length: 5:00

The route starts at Chalet Padis, where they spread to the left, Padis-Ic Ponor county road, a secondary forest road (accompanied by signs marking triunghi galben yellow triangle). From here, follow this road to the left, climbing on the edge of a forest of spruce, marked by signs and ca. ¼ hour continuous climb from hut met another forest road on the right comes from the county road that I left the cottage.

To continue our path to the left so go climbing through molidis often eventually leave logging road going left on a path well evidenced by spruce forest and approx. 200 m level difference increased from the Peak Chalet Magura Eggplant Padis we arrive at an altitude of 1641 m., there is now a topographic observer (the observer is shaky and some steps of the stair access is missing). From an observer can have a wide view: to N and E can be seen to Warm Somes and for S we take a look Padis-Fortress Ponor closed basin, limited in the southern part of Glavoi-Bortig ridge, beyond which is shaped Mount Galisoaia and Bihar with peak Cucurbata Mare Massif (1849m).

To continue our route detour through the observer left, go after about 10 min. The peak marked with Moma, where we see again for N, Warm Somes, descend through the underbrush of spruce, the northern peak clinele Magura Eggplant, keep on marking the crest of the mountain Magura Eggplant, without having the path almost all (although the trail is almost nonexistent signs marking applied to young spruce can track pretty well) and at 1 hour-1 ½ Peak Observatory on Eggplant Magura we arrive in a meadow located in the VF. Magura found in our right. From here we can throw back a look-Cetatiule Padis Ponor closed basin.

Next, keep clearing curve of level walking through a forest of spruce, on the origin of Renghii Valley, crossing again with a young molidis (marking signs are quite hard to follow in this section), we take curve level for approx. 50m., Right (we can see to NV Carligatelor peak, the highest peak of Padis), and from here one last down hill to the left, after marking us out after approx. ½ time in the saddle Varasoaia forest road. From this point on the road going left, approx. 1 km. we arrive at the Chalet Varasoaia, and mark where it ends. From Chalet Varasoaia, will mark before linie rosie red tape get in approx. Padis Chalet ½ hour.