Padis Chalet - Meadow Round - Cold Spring - Lost World

Mark:  cruce galbena  yellow cross

Duration:  2 hours (round)

The route begins in front of the Chalet Padis.  From here, follow signs to mark  cruce galbena  yellow cross on the road which runs along the Annexes cabin, crossing after approx.  ½ hour after starting Garjoaba Valley, follow the trail continues along the valley slope impressive Tranghiesti go on through a meadow prersarata with sinkholes, the bottom of which there are many spruces, meet right back variants of routes 5 and 6 , enter after approx.  50m in spruce forest and then get on routes where bifurcate Round Meadow: before continuing routes 5 and 6 (variant used in the shower) and go left our route.

Next, go left so early on the level curve through a mixed forest, then the ridge that separates the valley basin to basin Bradetanului dark decay, descend further emphasized through the woods, go through the eastern end of Poiana Ponor and the here one last down hill approx.  ¼ hour to get us on forest road Bear Valley.

To continue our journey, crossing the Bear Valley rocks, through water, let the left Izbucul called Cold Spring, climb the left side of the valley widened Bear on a rocky valley, still keep a path, then well evidenced by a forest road and a forest glade approx.  Cold Spring ¼ hour after we arrive at a bifurcation routes: before the main route and continue going left a trail marked with signs of diversion pothole to pothole covered and Pioneers.  Following this dertivatie can reach approx.  10 minutes near the two potholes, which although quite small in size are still quite beautiful.

Then, after I returned to the main path, go forward after signs marking  cruce galbena  yellow cross through the forest, move Gemanata pothole with a 82M vertical, further climb through beech forest, spruce forest and then through VSA will come eventually to a forest road that goes right.  From here, follow this road to the right for.  about.  10m after a short down hill to the right, we get after about priun forest.  5 minutes at the mouth of Black pothole deep approx.  108m.