Circuit Barsa Pit

Marked trail: Padis Chalet - Plain Padis - Uvala Balileasa - Forest Road Ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor - Cave Barsa - Taul Black - Black Cave - 'The Stables''- Chalet Padis

Mark: linie galbena yellow band 

Duration: 6-7 hours

For the portion Padis Chalet - plain Padis see  route here .

From the plain trifurcatia Padis (see route  follow the forest road that goes left to Pietroasa, cross plain south of Padis a distance of approx. 1 km, which briefly describes the winding road, we pass on massive deforestation along a road to the right and after about half an hour of plain Padis meet trail linie rosie red tape that comes from plain Padis all but the right, crossing a forest of spruce.

From here leave the forest road that goes to Pietroasa, down to the left after wide path through eastern extrtemitatea Balileasa Uvala and approx. ¼ hour after leaving the road that goes to the forest road cross Pietroasa ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor. Here we are at a bifurcation routes: before going trail sign linie rosie red tape to saddle Vartop, climbing on the southern slope of Uvala Balileasa and right (V) on the forest road ladder - Cabana Fortress Ponor go our route. Next, follow the path pointed to the right a distance of approx. 100 m after which we arrive at a new fork: before going to the Saddle forest road climb ladder and left our route on a road that sloppy.

From this point follow the road to increased climbing on the right side of a grassy valley, eventually get over the ridge that separates the basin Uvala Balileasa Barsa Pit, leave the road (which turns right) going forward, crossing still a fraction of a forest glade and then a final down hill from here approx. 10 minutes, with a molidis often, we get to the forest road that crosses operating Barsa Pit, near Cave Barsa glacier. It has a length of about 3474m and is accessible only speleologists. Also, here is open to the right a diversion that if we can follow in 10-15 minutes Zapodie Cave, 7 km long, is not recommended for tourists.

Barsa glacier cave follow the forest road left after yellow tape marking signs for approx. 300 m, leave on the forest road walking on a path well evidenced by spruce forest, move to the left of Black Taul tourist trail (this is a lake with a depth of 13m dolinar being constantly fed from underground), still exceed rocky threshold, go forward on the path, move the rock and another milestone for us out here one last down hill at the mouth of the Black Cave, which is found on the steep rocky Cuculeul called Iron. Black Cave has many hard concretions but is accessible to tourists. From here, cross the river which flows into the cave, climb on the left side of the river about. 50 m and from this point a final ascent to the right, through spruce forest trail takes us out in May, in clearing the tables and benches at the intersection with Stone Galbenei derivation comes from. 

From here, see  Fortress Ponor circuit to return to Cab. Padis.