Cave Sura Boga

Marked trail: Cabana Padis- Sesul Padis- Piatra Boghii - Pestera Sura Boghii 

Mark: punct rosu red dor

Duration: 1 ½ - 2 hours (one way)

The route begins in front Padis. From here follow the county road that goes to town Pietroasa crossing after approx. Valley Trenghiesti 5 minutes, let the right path that leads to Stana de Vale, still keep paved road through spruce forest, get over Valley burn (at approx. ½ hour after departure), still cross the eastern part of the plain Padis , and will eventually reach a trifurcare routes (plain center Padis) go left path leading to Pietroasa right side road goes to Chalet Varasoaia and before going our route.

To continue our route, so go ahead through Padis Plain (a periglacial relict of Tertiary period, riddled with sinkholes) having as reference a column at the base of the slope indicator, indicator remembered overcome pole (hence unfolds right trail linie rosie banda red to Saddle Vartop), climb further accentuated by spruce forest, the path battered gully erosion by water and approx. 10 minutes to climb the mast indicator Padis Plain arrive at a new bifurcation routes: Before continuing our route and the trail goes left cruce albastra Blue Cross to town Pietroasa .

Next, choose the first option going forward, hard climb through the forest on a logging road, eventually leave the forest road (at approx. ½ hour after the last bifurcation routes) going to the left on a path through a glade, enter short time and beech forest paths bifurcate again before the main route goes right and walk a trail with signs of shunt( punct rosu dublu double red dot) to Cave Padis by Glade Varasoaia. From this point follow the path that goes on, on a limestone mountain ridge Boga and after approx. 5 minutes after forking paths arrive at the edge of Boga Amphitheatre.

From here on the precipice overlooking a wide open: for I can see Carligatelor ridge, from which springs the Rea Valley, for V can see past the western peaks of Bihor Mountains (Guran Magura, Magura Blessed) beyond which Depression is Beius to S can be observed Dry Stone Horse and Magura, and at the steep rocky springs can see the valley of Boga and downstream can see the village of Boga holiday. After admiring the view we descend steeply to the right, the path through the forest, we leave right a limestone pillar and from there, the last down hill on a scree and then get us a membrane Sura Boga cave. It has a length of 212 m and is accessible by public lighting.