Sights, marked trails

For lovers of mountain hiking (trekking - riding and hiking trails beaten - trails off, and using hands), there are countless sights of incomparable beauty and national significance Padis tourist area in the Apuseni Mountains. In an exhaustive presentation, they should be:


Ponor Fortress complex karst

The great karst phenomenon in Romania. Three sinkholes, a huge portal in the rock, a cave, underground tunnels, waterfalls, Valley Fortress (usually dry) river Lost World, rocks, scree, 4 balconies hanging over the abyss and wild landscapes and a rare beauty .


Caves, potholes:

  • - Live Fire Glacier (the third largest in Romania, recommended to be visited at noon when the sun's rays that enter the cave through a chimney fire sparkle gives stalagmites)
  • - Cave Fortress Ponor (flooded underground tunnels, waterfalls)
  • - Cave City Radesei (large rooms, chimneys - potholes, canyon output)
  • - Potholes in karst plateau Lost World (Black, Gemănata covered)
  • - Caves Barsa Pit Basin (Zapodie, Black, Glacier Barsa)
  • - Glacier Bortig (the second largest in Romania, aven)
  • - Cave Valley Yellow (tunnel, 100 meters)
  • - Caves of Warm Somes circuit (honing, dry - huge room, tunnel Small)
  • - Sura Cave Boga (slightly upward, under stones Boga)
  • - Caput Cave (all waters of the collector, gallery descending steps, waterfalls on 2000 meters)
  • - Cave Padis (descending gallery)
  • - Potholes in Varasoaia (three)
  • - Cave Bear Izbucul



- Keys yellow (Izbuc, waterfall, Dolina cave, paths dug into the rock wall, support cables, balconies)

  • - Somes Cald Gorges (waterfalls, caves, lookout point, canyons, Somes riverbed)
  • - Gorges Valley Bulbuci (Izbuc, waterfalls, wild and inaccessible)
  • - Gorges Valley Oselu (Izbuc, waterfall)
  • - Boga Valley Gorge (Izbuc, waterfalls, canyons)



  • - Poiana Ponor (Izbuc, river with meanders, sinkholes, strainers)
  • - Meadow Flower (sloping meadows alternating with forest mesh, flowers, grass or hay mowing, spring)
  • - At the Clearing Balileasa and Stables (sinkholes, spring, Valley cities, the intersection point of many routes)
  • - Varasoaia (2 karst plateaus, two lakes, sinkholes, caves, potholes)
  • - Clearing Radesei (birthplace of the Warm Somes, waterfall, canyon)
  • - Plain Padis (karst plateau almost flat, pierced by numerous sinkholes, forest roads, valleys, lakes, a cave, a spring)


Belvedere increases:

  • - Stone Yellow (view Galbena, rust and pit Tapu Peak)
  • - Stones Boga (Boga Valley overlooking Depression Beius)
  • - Gardu Boga (Boga Valley overlooking Depression Beius)
  • - Peak Motului Church (Padis plain view, Magura bruises and ridge hooks)
  • - Peak Varasoaia (view Boga Valley, Somes keys, Magura eggplant, plain Padis pit rust)
  • - Peak Hooks (Valley Dragan Somes Valley Depression Beius Padis)
    - Magura ridge eggplant (view the whole pool Padis, Tapu, Pit Ruginoasa, Cucurbita Mare)