Padis tourist area is the northern branch of Bihor Mountains, the Apuseni Mountains chain. In terms of administrative Padis lies in south-eastern Bihar district, the commune Pietroasa, to the border with Cluj and Alba counties. Padis tourist area are the following:

  • - Closed Basin Padis - Fortress Ponor
  • - Somes Cald Gorges - Varasoaia
  • - Clearing Cuciulata
  • - Keys Yellow - Meadow Flower
  • - Obarsia Boga Valley.



Padis to reach you at least 3 ways:

  • - On communications E79 Oradea-Deva, in turn Sudrigiu by Pietroasa. In stones go all right on the main road to the village of Boga holiday (no boards of town). Boga turn right at the entrance (there is a signboard of the Cabana Fortress 1m/1m Ponor) and climb 10 km to the forest district scale. After all this turn right (there is a signboard of the Cabana Fortress 1m/1m Ponor) and will continue driving 5 km, passing a campsite, in turn right again after 300 m reach Padis.
  • - On communications E60 Oradea-Cluj Napoca, in turn Huedin the cranberries. go the route cranberries, Ic Ponor Padis, forest district scale. After that turn left (there is a signboard of the Cabana Fortress 1m/1m Ponor) and will continue driving 5 km, passing a campsite, in turn right again after 300 m reach Padis;
  • - For those who come by public transport, the best option is to come up with bus-Arieseni Vartop and red tape here on tour to mark Padis.


Forest Road:

Padis tourist area is crossed by forest road cranberries - Ic Ponor - Padis
- Boga - Stones, with a total length of 53 km, of which:

  • Cranberries - Ic Ponor 21 km
  • Ic Ponor - Padis 10 km
  • Padis - Boga 6 km
  • Boga - Stones 16 km.

The forest road can travel by car, but has some short sections
where you have submitted carefully because holes. If the car is very loaded and drive carefully, you should not worry big. In season
Padis plateau, meet dozens of cars of all makes, which is up from Pietroasa or cranberries or clearing from Korea (by Ic Ponor).

The forest road is accessible from:

  • - Huedin (Huedin - Padis 58km): Huedin-passenger-butene-Scrind cranberries Frasinet-27km, partially modernized county road;
  • - Cluj (Cluj - Padis 95 km): Cluj-Gilau-Somes Cald-Marisel-Poiana Horea-Ic Ponor (Barna forest range) in which: Cluj-Poiana Horea upgraded 70km road (asphalt), Poiana Horea-Calineasa-Ic Ponor (Barna forest range)
    20km, the road not modernized, recommended car field, you can still browse and cars, with care;
  • -Oradea (Oradea-Padis 100km) by Beius, Sudrigiu (Sudrigiu - Stones 12 km, asphalt) or from Stei (for tourists coming from Alba-Iulia, Deva, Arad) all by Sudrigiu and stones,
    asphalt road.

Forest road branches allow access by car to the main objectives
tourism in the area:

  • - Warm Somes keys 9 km;
  • - City Radesei Varasoaia and 4 km;
  • - Canton Padis Forest 1 km;
  • - Ponor forest range and Cabana Fortress Ponor Fortress Valley, Dry Valley and Bear Izbucul 5 km;
  • - Keys Meadow Flower Galbena and 10 km;
  • - Boga valley and resort 3 km.


Routes (paths) marked:

  • linie albastra  Chalet Vladeasa - Padis Chalet White Rocks Vladeasa-Thief-Rock-Glade Chalet Varasoaia Padis route duration: about 11 hours; path length: 32 km ridge road with wide views, sometimes poorly marked.


  • linie rosie  Stana de Vale - Padis Stana de Vale, Saddle Bohodei - Chalet Varasoaia Padis path length: 20 km long route 6:00, ridge road, easy to view Western Mountains.


  • punct rosu  Ic Ponor - Padis on a forest road, then red dot marking, Ic Ponor-Somes Somes Valley Warm-Hot-Cave GorgeCastle Chalet Varasoaia Radesei-Padis.


  • cruce albastra  Stony - Padis Pietroasa-Boga-forest range "scale" - Cabana Padis path length: 17 km and 22 km shortcut on the forest road (road accompany shortcuts) long route in 5:00 hours up and two down; difference 1000 level, the most abrupt between Boga and forest district.


  • linie rosie  Saddle Vartop - Padis Vartop Saddle (on DN75, 1.5 km towards Stei, from skiing Vartop) - Dry-pit Ruginoasa-Valley Glade Valley Yellow Flower-Glacier Cave Living Fire - Cabana Padis long route 7-8 hours 20 km route length, very hard road, accessible only experienced tourists, accessible only during dry summer. - Arieseni - Padis 16 km; - Garda de Sus - Padis, 2 versions:


  • linie albastra  Top-Guard Ordâncusa-Cave Glacier Gorge Scarisoara-hamlet-Districts-Glade Glade Ursoaia Calineasa-plain-Old Guard Mountain Chalet Padis 9:00 track time, track length 28 km, 1000m level difference, and ridge road plateau with stunning views and great landscapes.


  • triunghi albastru  Top-Valley Guard Guard Dry-Stone-house hamlet Gârdisoara-Caves Valley High and Coiba Coiba Mica-plain Padis Chalet Guard;
    path length 8:00, 22 km long route, way easy, accessible all year round in most forest road or tractor, you may go with the cars by
    Stone hamlet house and then the path portion of Stone House Chalet hamlet Padis can be done in about 3-4 hours, the trail can be reached after visiting
    Glacier cave on the plateau Scarisoara Glacier-Districts.


  • linie albastra  Glacier Cave Scarisoara - Padis;
    Glacier Cave Scarisoara-hamlet-Districts-Glade Glade Ursoaia Calineasa-plain-Old Guard Mountain Chalet Padis 7:00 track time, track length 20 km, 1000m level difference, the way the ridge and plateau with great views and scenery.