Somes heißen Quellen

Mark:  punct rosu   red dot

Duration:  4-5 hours

The trail begins in northern Varasoaia clearing, where you mark off our routes A and O. In this respect, We turn to the right leaving the paved road that comes from Varasoaia Chalet, go after 5 minutes of spruce forest, across three valleys secondary follow the path on the right side of the valley Radesei and approx.  ½ hour of Varasoaia we arrive at a bifurcation of paths: from left, crossing the valley, the route goes mainly marked with sign  punct rosu   red dot and go on the right side of the valley bends mark  punct rosu dublu  Cave City to laugh.

To continue our journey so keep on the right side of the valley (in the opposite side of the valley can be seen active during Radesei coming up with an interesting Izbuc), go down after approx.  50 m from bifurcation in the valley Radesei chains are assembled here in Cave City entry laugh.  Next follow the path on the left side of the valley through the cave (the cave ceiling is quite interesting multiple entries) then the canyon Radesei very spectacular (Warning: This portion of the route is through the difficult waters), go after out of the canyon to the confluence laughs Feredeului (Valley Feredeului go upstream a mark bends  punct rosu dublu   we bring to the Falls Feredeului, 5 m high) and then get in Poiana Radesei, where we are at a fork of paths (point marked by a pole indicator) from the right comes back version of the route and before going variant we go in the shower.

So before we go further, go on over the crest of Shaves Valley Cuciulata Valley, eventually crossing Cuciulata Valley (another marker of derivation  punct rosu dublu  lead us around.  10 min Cave Tunnel Mic upstream Valley Cuciulatei) climb further after marking by forest spruce let left one trail still with  punct rosu   red dot that goes to Stana de Vale, keep on the path through the woods and at about half an hour we arrive at Cuciulata Valley lookout point from where a wide open view of the valley slopes Moloch through his impressive rocky gorges but they look and the High Falls about Moloch.  10m).  Also from the point of Belvedere down to Somes a path marked with the derivation  punct rosu dublu  The cave leads to dry.

From the point of view we follow the path that goes under Abruptul Cuciulatei, the level curve, move Hornu Cave (it has a length of 75m and has no ornaments) and down hill from here one last steep forest road located to get us the downstream end of Somes Cald Gorges Izbuc near a good water.We continue to follow the trail downstream forest road on the left side of the Warm Somes and approx.  200m from the route Izbuc bifurcate: forward on the road, the route to continue a branch right across Glade Valley Onceasa and go back to Glade Radesei variant, variant also marked with  punct rosu   red dot.  Next, cross the water so hot Somes, climb on the right side of the valley, we take the path on the level curve, fold in the end a pillar of limestone scree climb a steep approx.  ½ hour (half the ascent an extension to the right leads to the Cave of the furnace) will get to the point called Belvedere from where we have a wide view: for I can see the ridge of the peak.  Brite and Thief's Stone, for S we see clinele northern Magura Varasoaia eggplant and peak, and V is seen to the left side of the Gorge where there is Abruptul Cuciulatei.

Belvedere keep the path on the level curve through spruce forest, go after ¼ hour over Valley Moloch, and from here one last down hill approx.  20 min throughout the woods near us out in Poiana Radesei resting place.  From here follow the path back upstream along Valley Radesei and after approx.  5 min.  we arrive at the junction with Feredeului where an arrow with indication  "to Padis"urges us to climb on the spur of the Valley Feredeu laugh.  From this point, climb increased after the spur trail of the two valleys, passes over Cave City Radesei (some marked with the sign of derivation paths lead us to the inputs that we have seen in the cave ceiling Laughs) and a final down hill from here bring us back to the valley near the spring from which springs Redeasa.  Here meet and bends that mark the beginning of the route we went to Cave City laugh.  From this point return to Varasoaia will be the route I came at first, all the mark  punct rosu   red dot.