Padis Chalet - Saddle Hair - Plain Guard - Valley Gardisoara - Hamlet Steinhaus

Mark:  triunghi albastru  blue triangle

Duration:  3 hours (dus!)

From Chalet Padis follow the road going to Ic Ponor, the level curve, go after approx.  ½ hour after starting the saddle between Magura bruises and Motului Church, descend further to the right, also on the county road, and will eventually reach the saddle where the road describes a Hair hairpin curve to the left.

We continue to follow signs marking the route before going on a road that secondary and approx.Loss of Saddle 300m we arrive at the point where the road begins to climb steeply to the right.

Still go forward on the level curve through the meadow about.  500m, located near a sheepfold our left, climb on the edge of the spruce forests following her to get in where we see the plain Guard, a grassy plateau, riddled with numerous sinkholes and sinkholes.

Going forward, in his keep in the general level curve, on the eastern side of the plain Guard for about 300m then descend into another peak was under Gardisoara, well wooded which is shaped in our right (west).  All this to find an eye and a permanent water hole a few spruce sign bearing the mark.

From his descent after signs marking  triunghi albastru  blue triangle on the bottom of a valley inerbate, exceeded by approx.  300 m. a sawmill, still go forward on a path of land vaguely, go down a bit and cross another forest road coming from the left.

We turn right continue on this road following the valley Gardisoara, pass three side valleys descending from the right side of the valley Gardisoara, cross a paved road (after approx. 1 km from the valley entrance) that accompanies a tributary of the slope Gardisoara left the valley and at approx.½ - ¾ hour after we arrive near the cave mouth plain Water Guard, located on the right side of the valley.

From this cave comes days Gardisoara Valley Water is the origin of dry up here.  Here, near the cave is located and designed to stop a bank.  The road to the cave go downstream on the left side of the valley, go after approx.  Sura 10 minutes from Kings Cave (located on the opposite side of the valley), cross a creek coming out of the hut Ghiobului Izbucul more go around.  1km and we are all on the road at the junction with Valley Gardisoarei secondary valley coming from the left side of the valley.

From here, following on the road, go after approx.  200m from cave Coiba Mica (to reach the cave you have to descend about. 30m to the valley), keep on the road and approx.  1km from Coiba we arrive at the entrance of the hamlet of Little Stone House near two sawmills.  From here it spread to the right a path marked with signs of derivation leads to Coiba Mare cave.  It impresses with high portal about.  25m.