Gemeinsam Pietroasa - Between Waters-Boga HolidayVillage- Saddle Ladder - Cabana Padis

Mark: cruce albastra blue cross

Duration: 5-5 ½ hours

From the center of stones, near school, where the first signs begin marking, follow the county road to the East Valley Pietros Cris, cross the valley Lazului immediately after leaving the village, let granodiorit quarries right, pass the intersection with the road Valley Aleului go left, climb the gentle slope of the road, upstream on the left side of Cris Pietros, occasionally with beautiful views over the river, and after approx. 1 hour-1 ½ hours of departure we are situated at the confluence of water meadow between Cris Stones Galbena Valley importance comes from the left side of the valley.

Next, go upstream Bulzului Valley, follow the path I came up here, meet Bulz Chalet, crossing several large pastures, let the left, on the right side and after about Bulzului Stone. 5 minutes reach Boga holiday village entrance at road fork: the left, the holiday village can be reached Oselu Falls and continue our route to the right (at a bifurcation, a pole indicator shows 3 ½ Orte to Chalet Padis).Choose the second option, move past homes, We turn to the left, upstream, the valley for processing, a tributary of Valley LEAP, crossing a succession of stressed uphill and fragments of forest clearings and after approx. ½ - ¾ hours of continuous ascent of Boga are back again on the county road Pietroasa - Padis - cranberries.

Further, short three coils of the road leaving fountain fountain right Rosie, go to the cave of the same name, hard climb through beech forest, cross several forest glade, in the saddle and we climb a little ladder, near CSScarita (hence loosen the forest road that leads right to Cabana Fortress Ponor). We continue to go on the road paved trail built on the northern curve Uvala Balileasa level, leave the road eventually climbing a grassy slope dotted here and there with juniper bushes, pass through a peak was under Oselu, slow climb through spruce forest path until you meet up left,  Stone Boga . From here, descend to the right on the stony path, muddy the waters by gully erosion. Padis plain cross, a periglacial relict of Tertiary period, came back on the road that comes from Pietroasa, go forward on the road and after approx. 2 km. - 2.5 km. get in front of the cottage Padis.